Francesca Nicholas Nutrition

BSc MSc ANutr

Quality nutrition for you and your family
Catering for all your health needs and wellbeing  
Individual nutrition, tailored for you
My Services
My services include a wide variety of programmes aimed to help with your nutritional needs. I provide an initial consultation (either 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on what you need). I will then work with you to develop your tailored nutrition plan through nutritional sessions, individually tailored food plans, individual sports nutritonal advice, pre and post workout foods for your individual exercise regimes and much more. 
  1. Initial Consultation
    Initial consultation for either 30 minutes or 1 hr dependent on what you need. In this consultation we will discuss your medical history, personal goals and targets and implement a plan to move forward.
  2. Weekly Nutrition sessions
    In these 45 minute sessions we will work on your personal plan for the coming week, building upon your basic plan and discussing your progress over the previous week. We will agree and make any changes necessary to achieve your targets.
  3. Weekly or Monthly Food Plans
    I will create an individual food plan to help you reach your goals. These plans are re-written every week so you can enjoy a wide range of foods. These plans also take into account your exercise regime, food preferences and shopping lists. They will be sent out by email every week.
  4. Food allergies/intolerances
    To help people with food allergies and intolerances, I provide 45 minute sessions and/or food plans to help you understand the range of foods you can eat. Together we can navigate through the limitations presented by your allergies or intolerances, to improve your diet and enhance your wellbeing.
  5. Sports Nutrition
    I provide food plans and/ or nutrition sessions tailored for all your sports needs, whether you are running a marathon, a professional athlete or need guidance with pre and post workout nutrition.
  6. Weekly weigh in
    I provide weekly weigh ins, measuring body fat %, muscle mass, water content and location of body fat to help see your progress.
  7. Body fat % reduction
    I provide both 1 hr nutrition sessions and/or food plans to help lower body fat % to optimal health levels.
  8. Pregnancy
    I provide both 1 hr nutrition sessions and/or food plans to help lose weight after pregnancy and avoid nutritional deficiencies. I also help with nutritional needs during the pregnancy period.
  9. Gaining weight
    I provide both 1 hr nutrition sessions and/ or food plans to increase muscle mass and reduce muscle wasting, whilst keeping body fat % at a healthy level.