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Client Testimonials

What my clients have to say...

  1. “Fran has kept me on my toes and allowed me to stay accountable without any judgement. She gave me ideas which helped reduce the cellulite and shift weight on my legs which was my main goal. Our time was intentional, focused yet light and fun. Fran combines her physical training knowledge with her nutritional wisdom for visible yet simply achieved results. Thank you Fran”
    Anna Garcia
  2. "I worked with Fran over a 5 week period. During that time she was extremely supportive and knowledgeable regarding my EDS condition. Fran was a really big help in changing thinks in my life, I cannot recommend her enough"
    Robert Walker
  3. "My time with Fran has been a positive experience. Fran was passionate and dedicated to help me achieve my goals. I was encouraged to try new options with suggestions provided and change eating routines. It was not about starving myself of the foods I love but finding the right balance. It has educated me to carry on implicating these changes, all in all its been a positive experience"
    Daniel Till
  4. "We started to meet with Fran in August as although we thought we had a reasonable diet and exercised regularly, we were both finding it difficult to lose weight. We had booked a cruise in September and wanted to look our best before we went. Fran was able to suggest different combinations of food that would help us achieve our goals and we have both lost over 4 kilos since we started"
    Michael Savell
  5. "Our meetings are about much more than weight loss, we talk about everything affecting our well-being including stress and sleep problems and she has been able to advise us on dietary changes that help, such as cherries before bed, to promote sleep"
    Maureen Savell
  6. "The great thing about Fran is that she is not judgmental and encourages rather than criticising when things to not go well. We both feel that we are on the way to losing the weight we want too but will continue with our sessions all the time that Fran is there to guide us"
    Michael and Maureen Savell